Harbinger Series
Harbinger Series
This series are specifically designed for personal computer and workstation applications.
It offers dependable power protection a light weighted,graceful and sleek design,fits nicely into today's modern office design.
This series can operate under a wide range of input utility power while maintain steady output voltage. This is especially critical
for equipments that require consistent backup power or working under high utility uctuation. As the increasing of computer
peripherals in a computer system, additional surge protected outlets are provided to protect your printer, scanner or other peripheral
devices from surges, spikes, and electromagnetic interference.
Besides providing power protection and EMI/RFI to output load, this series also provides surge and lightning protection for data/fax
Modem line (RJ11) thus further enhancing the protection capabilities. With the outstanding cost-performance design, it is the best
choice for home and office application all over the world.
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  • High Frequency Design.
  • Resettable circuit Breaker.
  • LCD/LEDs Display function
  • Widely spaced outlets.
  • Compact design fit on/under your desk or mounts on the well.
  • Surge protection for Modem / Fax / 10 Base T modular combinations
  • Three/Four battery backup with surge protected outlets and three/four surge protected outlets.
  • Battery Hot Swappable, Easy TO Access and Replaceable With Wire- less Connection.
  • USB Communication Port
Model HA-400 HA-600 HA-750 HA-900
Capacity 400VA/200W 600VA/300W 750VA/400W 900VA/500W
Nominal Voltage 120Vac
Frequency Range 50/60Hz(auto sensing)
Acceptable Voltage 100 ~ 140Vac
On line input freq. limits ±5Hz
Nominal Voltage 120Vac(Stepped wave)
Frequency Regulation 50/60 ±0.5Hz
Typical back up time 10 ~ 20 min.
Transfer Time 4 ms typical, 8ms max
No. of Outlets 6pcs NEMA 5-15R 8pcs NEMA 5-15R
Surge energy rating, 320 joules
Surge current capability 6500A
Surge response time 0 ns normal mode, <5 ns common mode
Surge voltage let through 0.7 subject to IEEE,686 Cat. At 6KV test
Protection Over current, short-circuit, overload, lightening, surge, noise, sages, brownout, blackout, input breaker, telephone line& 10 Base-T
Alarm signals audible signals, < 45dbA at 1 meter
Input socket NEMA 5-15R on a 6-foot cord
Operating environment 0~40°C, 0~95% RH, non condensing
Battery Type Sealed and leak proof maintenance free lead-acid
12V/4.5Ah 12V/5Ah 12V/7Ah 12V/9Ah
Recharge Time 8 hours to 90% (Typical)
TEL/FAX Surge Suppression RJ11/45( 1 in/ 1 out)
Communication USB
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm 304×123×85 304×183×83
Net Weight 2.9kg 3.2kg 4.3kg 4.4kg