The Portable Power Supply Solutions is a perfect rechargeable power supply for emergency and backup power. This unique stand-alone power unit is equipped with AC outlets and provides 500 Watts of power for radios, home electronics, laptops, phones, lamps and many other electronic devices. The perfect solution for a power outage or emergency situation, the EPS-500 will provide up to 12 hours of run time for many home electronics. The EPS-500 will also keep a home office or other combination of household appliances operating for up to 3 hours.

The EPS-500 wills auto-sense when a power outage has occurred and will provide uninterrupted backup power to those devices that are plugged into one of its AC outlets. When power is restored the EPS-500 will automatically switch back to utility power and then it will recharge its internal rechargeable batteries and return to standby mode. The EPS-500 is a Cleaner Alternative to Gas-powered Generators and is convenient to keep on hand at home or office.
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  • Back up power system that can supply up to 500 Watts of house hold electricity and is an excellent alternative to a generator
  • Quiet and has no fumes or moving parts making it safe for indoor use
  • Easily to move from room to room
  • Build-in new generation Li-ion battery
  • High surge protection  and automatic over temperature and overload shutdown
  • Low voltage shutdown prevents deep battery discharge
  • Includes AC charger to recharge the power pack from a standard wall outlet
  • Pure sine wave output
  • supply energy to various loads such as resistive load and rectifier load
AC Iutput Surge Voltage ( nominal)
AC Input Frequency
50/60 Hz
AC Input Waveform
Pure Sinewave
AC Output Surge Voltage ( nominal)
AC Output Frequency
50/60 Hz
AC Ouput Waveform
Pure Sinewave
AC Output Power (Continuous)
AC Output Power (60 seconds)
AC Output Power (3 seconds)
AC Output Surge Capacity ( peak)
DC Mode Output Voltage Regulation
+/- 5%
DC Mode Output Frequency Regulation
+/- 0.2Hz
Tranfer Time
8ms Typical
Internal Battery Type
New Generation Li-ion Battery
Internal Battery Capacity
Internal Battery Voltage
26Vdc ( nominal)
Charge Current
Recharge Time
< 2 Hours to 90% (typical)
Inverter Low-battery Shutdown
21.7 Vdc
Operating Temperature
0。C to 40。C
Storeage Temperature
-20。C to 60。C
Relative Humidity
0-95% non-condensing
Resistive Load
Rectifier Load