Sysgration was founded in Taiwan in 1977 as a supplier of automotive electronics products, peripheral, and power solution. In the first 20 years, Sysgration has supported global partners as their trusted commitment OEM development and manufacturing. Sysgration has built its reputation by supporting advanced OEM peripheral for branded company. In the recent decade, Sysgration has positioned as manufacturer of IoV(Internet of Vehicle) automotive electronics products and IoT(Internet of Things) smart home devices. With the proven commitment by automotive OEM partners like Porsche, VW, and Audi. The strong growth opportunities were the enhanced investment in R&D and engineering capability to strengthen the company’s core competence in Wireless Technology (2G/3G/BLE/BLE 4.0/WiFi/GPS/Beacon). The interconnection convey via wireless sensor devices to smart phone enabling the large amounts of data aggregated into cloud services. The leading Sysgration solutions that offer advanced IoT connectivity are (1) BLE Low Energy TPMS ; (2) BLE/WiFi/Beacon Smart Home devices ; (3) Automotive entertainment display ; (4) Automotive sense and view camera solution ; (5) EV Battery pack ; (6) Wireless tracking and trace devices ; (7) Data Center UPS solution.
Headquarter based in Taipei Taiwan, factories presence in China and Taiwan. Process 30 years technical development experiences, unparalleled manufacturing efficiency and certified capabilities such as ISO-9001: 2008/ ISO-14001: 2004/ SA-8000/ ISO: TS 16949:2009/ RoHS/ QC-08000/ VOLKSWAGEN VDA 6.1), Sysgration offer ODM / OEM services to support customers’ market development. Sysgration is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) under the symbol of 5309.

1977 Company Established. PCBA ICT & Phone Tester as main products.
1988 Keyboard & Mouse Business Starting-Microsoft keyboard moust 1st vendor.
1993 Established Nan-Tou Factory in Central of Taiwan
1994 USP Division Established-UPS, inverter, Line-interactive.
2000 Established Pinghu Factory in Shenzhen,China.
2003 Car Entertainment BU Established-Car DVD Display System& Devices.
2004 Gaming Division Established-Game Controller(eamepad and Steering wheel).
2006 Developing Solar PV Inverter
2009 Being the VW Group Tier-one Supplier
2012 ASBU and TTBU Established.
Zhenjing factory for camera module established.

1977 .Sysgration Ltd. is founded in Taiwan
.Developed 1st product(Telephone Testing Equipment), made Sysgration the leading brand in the telephone
 testing field
1988 .Launched Computer Peripherals(Mouse, Keyboard) and created the Agiler brand for its consumer products
1993 .Established Nan-Tou Factory 1 in Taiwan
1994 .Established Nan-Tou Factory 2 in Taiwan
.Launched UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and created
1996 .Listed on the Taiwan OTC
.Launched modem products
1997 .Established Sysgration (Cayman) Limited
.Established Sysgration (Shenzhen) Ltd. In China
.Established Nan-Tou Factory 3 in Taiwan
1998 .Established Sysgration (B.V.I.) Limited
.Established Sysgration (Samoa) Limited
2000 .Established Pinghu Factory in Shenzhen, China
2002 .Attained ISO-9001 certification in Pinghu Factory
2003 .Restructured management and development teams
.Established OED (Optical Electronic Division), launched Mobile Entertaiment products(Overhead roof mount  ,Travel bag LCD TV/DVD combination, Head Rest Monitor/DVD combination, LCD Car Back Monitor ,    Sunvisor monitor, Water Drip proof monitor,SPA monitor, Kitchen, Hospital ,Marine and Hotel LCD TV/DVD     combination)
.Established Sysgration USA INC.
.Established OED Taoyuan R&D Division
2004 .Attained QS-9000 certification in Nan-Tou Factory
.Attained ISO-14001 certification in Pinghu Factory
2005 .Established GPD (Gaming Peripheral Division), launched Gaming Devices(Gamepad, Wheel, Game     Mouse and Joystick)
.Established Taipei R&D Division
.Launched Renewed Energy Products (PV Inverter)
.Launched VOIP Phone(Skype Phone) & MouseFone(Mouse phone) products
2006 .Attained ISO-9001 certification in Nan-Tou Factory
.MouseFone win iF product design award 2007
.Launched Environmental Products( Air Purifier, Air cleaner)
2009 .Nan Tou Factory gain the German Volkswagen Group VDA6.5 quality certification
.Nan Tou Factory passed ISO/TS16949: 2009 version of the audit, formally obtained ISO/TS16949: 2009     certificate.
2010 .Change the Computer & Power Division for Computer & Power Business Unit abbreviation CPBU
.Change the Electonic Division for Automotive Electronic Business Unit abbreviation AEBU
2012 .Established Big Power Solutions Division abbreviation BPD
.Established Industrial PC Division abbreviation IPC