• ISO9001:2000
  • ISO14001:2004
  • RoHS
  • SA8000
  • TS16949
  • VOLKSWAGEN A grade

Social Responsibility Policy
The Company and its management to comply with international labor standards and the protection of labor rights have the basic conditions for a responsible company, but also the expectations of consumers, customers, the public and government stakeholders. The Company is committed to compliance with national labor laws and regulations to comply with internationally recognized labor standards, as well as other applicable industry standards and the International Covenant on continuous improvement of working conditions and employee benefits. And quality control as an integral part of social responsibility management of the company's day-to-day operations, social responsibility is to provide good products to meet customer needs is a necessary condition. The Company appointed senior manager responsible for the management of social responsibility, to establish, implement and maintain a good social responsibility management system, and this requirement extends to suppliers and subcontractors.

Company Statement
1.Prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor, and do not accept any use of child labor or forced labor, suppliers  or subcontractors.
2.Respect for workers' freedom, prohibits any form of forced labor.
3.Provide safe and healthy working and living conditions, to ensure the safety and health of employees.
4.Promote labor-management cooperation, respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining rights of the  employees.
5.To provide a fair and equitable work environment, and to prohibit any form of discrimination.
6.Respect for the basic human rights of the employees, to prohibit any form of degrading behavior.
7.Reasonable arrangements for production planning, reasonable arrangements for workers' working hours, rest and  vacation.
8.Provide reasonable wages calendar welfare, at least meet the basic needs of the workers.