Sysgration & Tsuzuki Denki Strategic Alliance Sign

Sysgration PC peripheral manufacturer in Taiwan, and Tsuzuki Denki Co., Ltd., "the new business opportunities"

The 11th, (central Taipei's the 11th) PC peripherals manufacturer in Taiwan, electronic system (SYSGRATION) has entered into a partnership with Tsuzuki Denki Co., Ltd. of Japan. Electronic system performs the design and manufacturing battery and power, such as a commercial tablet, Tsuzuki Denki Co., Ltd. to sell it to Japan it. According to Lee Jin gain chairman of the electronic system (SYSGRATION)of the picture left , the two sides to cooperate in the field of commercial tablets first, with the aim of shipping in the first quarter of next year. Stocking from strains of Tsuzuki that expected to exceed one billion Taiwan yuan (about 3.2 billion yen) in 2-3 years. Hideki Hiura president of Tsuzuki Denki Co., Ltd. (right) said the aspirations through cooperation of both, and want to expand to 20,000 customers in more than your company is required to hold electronic products of the system. (EDIT: Zhuang Li Ling)