One-Day-Salary donation for Victims

One-day-salary donation offers for victims injured in the Dust Explosion    

The Dust Explosion happened at the Color Play Asia Event at New Taipei City’s Formosa Fun Coast Water Park on June 27th, leaving 494 young victims were injured and suffered from extensive burns. Sysgration group have volunteered to donate one-day- salary to provide medical and recovery expenses supports to those victims.
Sysgration group and our affiliate company Etasis Electronics have taken the social corporate responsibility to initiative urge donations for all those injured in the fire incident. Chairman Mr. Mark Lee and staffs have been volunteered to donate one-day-salary supporting for all those injured in the disaster.
There are many more challenges ahead should be overcome, the rehabilitation of the burned victims has just begun, we hope the donations could be defrayed for victims medical expenses incurred as their financial assistance. The goal of assisting victims to face the difficulty, Sysgration take the priority offering job opportunities to victims with profession. Bless to those young victims bravely face their future recovery life.