​Sysgration Invested Leadman Electronics USA

Sysgration Invested Leadman Electronics USA US$ 5.35 million to acquire 51% shares
On September, 9th, 2015- Taipei, Taiwan
Sysgration (TWSE-5309) today announced the successful acquisition of Leadman Electronics USA in a transaction valued at approximately US$5.35 million to acquire a 51% of the total shares of Leadman Electronics USA.
Sysgraion and Leadman built up the trust partnership is an important endorsement for today’s business strategic alliance. The agreement extends the successful long-term relationship enjoyed by the two companies within the strategic alliance signed in September 2015, which has enabled deployment of a range of drilling and well engineering services to customers in the US market. The two companies, Sysgraion and Leadman, decided to strategic alliance as the closest partner, to strengthen the core competence and win-win in the local market.
Sysgration's acquisition of Leadman advances its mission of system integrating platform with software and hardware in the field of 1) Networking, 2) Cloud Computing, 3) Data Center, 4) Server, (5) Power system. The combination of the two companies will increase the value Sysgraion and Leadman deliver to customers. Upon completion of the acquisition that create the financial strength, operational capabilities and service flexibility for improving the two company's competitiveness, Chairman of Sysgration, Mark Lee remarked that “This transaction benefits all of Sysgraton's key stakeholders.”
Mark Lee said, "We are proud to partner with Leadman, who has a strong reputation and proven track record of supporting the growth of many of the most successful retail and companies. This investment will provide Sysgration with greater flexibility to focus on our long-term business initiatives and to improve our role as a global provider in the US market.”
Leadman is a 30 years company located in Silicon Valley area with strong reputation and proven record of supporting many of the most successful retailer and companies, like Juniper, UTstartcom, Softbank, and Pluribus. Its own factory provides the ODM/OEM solutions, providing hardware engineering expertise and custom solutions for a wide range of applications. It’s expected that Leadman will contribute US$2-3 million revenue per month for the consolidated financial report of Sysgration.
Mark Lee mentioned that” We are opening an exciting new chapter for our collaboration. It is pleased to expect the prosperous future and look forward to the growth and opportunities.”