1KVA/1KW On-Line UPS
The One+ is namely the On-line UPS PF1.0 engineering design enabling the UPS to achieve Power Factor 1.0 output wattage in the Pure Sine Wave form. The new platform design also meeting the highest requirement in terms of efficiency and alleviate customer total investment cost.

The Key benefits of the One+ are Eco-Friendly that in compliance with Energy Star, this is achievable through its On-line mode efficiency close to 90% at full load and providing 90% of battery charging time in less than 3 hours. The output THD with Non-Linear load below 4% has sliced half on the distortion and met the latest industry compliance EN50091-3/IEC 62040-3 at computer load, which enhanced the accuracy of the system performance meanwhile achieving EMI of CISPR “Class B” requirement.
Key Features
A. Input:
  1.     Input Voltage Range @Full Load: 182V-280V
  2.     Input Voltage Range @Half Load: 120V-280V(@40% Load)
  3.     Input Frequency Range: auto-selecting 50Hz:45~55Hz; 60Hz:55~65Hz
  B. On-Line Output
  1.     Wave Form: Sine Wave
  2.     Voltage Range: 208/220/230/240Va
  3.     Voltage Regulation Dynamic: ±5%
  4.     THD Linear/Non Linear: <3%/<4%
  5.     On-Line Mode Efficiency @Full Load 230V: 89.5%
  6.     Green/Economic mode: No/Yes
  C. On Battery
  1.     Output Rating: 1000VA/1KW
  2.     Run Time @ Full Load: >2.5min @100%; Load> 4min @ 800W
  3.     Charging Time ( to reach 90%): <3 hours
  4.     Charger Power: 27.3W
  5.     Hot Swappable Battery
  6.     In compliance with EMI requirement at CISPR Class “ B”
  D. Communication Interface & Others:
  1.     RS-232, USB &RJ-45
  2.     Net/Shipping Weight: 13.7kg/15.7kg
  3.     Energy Star Compliance