Sysgration provides OEM/OEM service for IOT, IoV solutions








Edge Computing


Power & Batteries



Core Competence
Sysgration .is an expert of System Integration in providing design, manufacturing and ODM/OEM services for IIoT, Automotive Electronics.

Electronics Engineering (EE)

  • ARM-based Platform
  • MCU-based Platform
  • Automotive Power Isolation Protection

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

  • Product Industrial Design
  • Waterproof & Rugged Design
  • Thermal Management

Power Supply Design

  • Intelligent Power Management
  • High Efficiency
  • Redundancy

Software Engineering (SW/FW)

  • Embedded OS
  • MCU (EC) Coding
  • User Interface & Mobile App
  • Cloud Integration

Certification / Testing

  • Environment Testing
  • EMC Compliance
  • Manufacture Test Plan & ATE

System Engineering

  • Wireless & RF Expertise
  • Cellular & GPS Integration
  • Display & Touch Panel
  • Battery Design
Intelligent & Connected Vehicle
Full integration and Mobile App control of all vehicle on-board devices.
we provide system integration service for vertical markets including in-vehicle, Automotive and logistic industries. Industrial IoT Core Technologies- system integration ability




Real-Time Tracking
Real-time and power-saving wireless location tracking technology for animal and assets.
Smart tracking- real time tracking solution for animals with cloud and IOT intelligent applications



Smart Retail
Connected vending machines for real-time telemetry and user behavior analytics.
embedded computer and intelligent control box design for vending machine
Smart vending machine solution for Smart retail
ODM/OEM service process, design and engineering service,
ID & ME design ability
ODM/OEM service for Join design manufacturing
design and engineering service for automotive and industrial panel PC, rugged mobile solutions
manufacturer service for automotive and rugged mobile solution
best supply chain management,

Integrity Passion Commitment Innovation

Through system integration customers can be differentiate out from their competitors.

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