Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sysgration’s goal is to promote sustainable development and low-carbon business practices globally through our sustainable business practices and technologies. Our greenhouse gas emissions from all facilities are as follows:


Greenhouse Gas Emission




Scope 1(tCO2e)

30.34 25.59


Scope 2(tCO2e)

1,968.05 2,345.33 2,872.64

Total Emission(tCO2e)

1,998.39 2,370.92 2,898.75

Emission intensity (tCO2e/million NT$ revenue)

0.81 0.69 0.88


Waste Management

Sysgration waste management includes the processes and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Our waste management strategies focus on continuously minimizes resource consumption at the source, and collaborates with suppliers to achieve material optimization and minimization. After raw materials are used in production processes, on-site recycling is prioritized so that resources are sufficiently reused to delay the disposal of materials as waste.

Presently, the wastes generated by Sysgration are classified into general industrial wastes and hazardous industrial wastes. General industrial wastes refer to common office wastes, wooden boxes for international ocean shipping of packaging components, electronic wastes of cables, etc. Sysgration performs waste disposal according to the Waste Disposal Act and implements resource recycling mechanism by outsourcing to qualified waste disposal contractors. We sign contract annually with qualified disposal contractors, with relevant management regulations and methods confirmed regularly. The disposal contractors perform disposal periodically according to our production and operation. In 2023, there was no breach of contract by the disposal contractor of Sysgration.


Classification of Waste Attribute




Hazardous industrial waste (metric tons)

0.92 2.08 4.26

General industrial waste (metric tons)

126.31 138.00 80.05

Total waste disposal (metric tons)

127.23 140.28 84.31

Waste disposal intensity (metric tons/million NT$ revenue)

0.052 0.041 0.026

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