We assess our suppliers to the highest standards and drive continuous improvement in a structural and collaborative way. We hold suppliers to the highest standards and requirements which are used to collaborate with supplier to develop management systems, environment, health & safety, business ethics and human rights.


In addition to evaluations related to quality, cost, delivery, and service (QCDS) and to business performance, we conduct regular evaluations of suppliers’ CSR initiatives. Our goal is to achieve a responsible supply chain through manifesting our core values to our suppliers.


  1.  All suppliers must complete a mandatory Supplier -Assessment that relate to all below requirement documents: RoHS compliance materials, Declaration of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, California Proposition 65 Declaration, operation in line with code of corporate social responsibility and environmental protection, RBA compliance and anti-bribery declaration before they are selected. The assessment is an important tool for evaluating existing and potential new suppliers to Sysgration.
  2. The assessment is used to communicate Sysgration general requirements and expectations to our suppliers, to collect information for supplier and master data management, and to catch potential risks connected to a certain supplier. The outcome from the assessment is analyzed to ensure that proper actions are taken.


Sysgration Supplier Code of Conduct


Integrity Passion Commitment Innovation

Through system integration customers can be differentiate out from their competitors.

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