The selection and cultivation of management successors is critical to the corporate sustainable operation. The successor plan is to continue and succeed the corporate operations to keep pace with the times and provide the manpower requirement for the sustainable operation of the enterprise. In the planning of the succession plan, in addition to having excellent execution ability, Sysgration pays special attention to the values and personality traits to be consistent with the Company's core values, including integrity and innovation, excellent employees continue to be tested on their adaptability and management ability in different businesses and regions as needed.

The successors training for senior management planning mainly focuses on all-round business management capabilities, professional capabilities, and personal development plans, and the training schedule is tailored based on individual job requirements and learning conditions. Arrange professional capabilities and other various aspects course training, for integrated use by trainees, to develop their decision-making and judgment capabilities.


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Sysgration provides variety of training courses covering sustainability, corporate governance, GHG management, business operation, quality management, legal affairs, patent rights, insider equity, trade secrets, information security, the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, and health management to promising candidates so they are prepared to step up if the need arises.  

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Through system integration customers can be differentiate out from their competitors.

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