Risk Management Policy

Sysgration strives to minimize the impact of losses that could result from the materialization of risk by anticipating and preventing the occurrence of potential risks. We classify potential risks into 5 main categories including risks from business, financial, operations, legal and policy, and environment.


Risk Categories  Risk Management Procedure 
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As part of these efforts, Sysgration has formulated the Sysgration's Risk Management Policy so that the entire Group can work together to conduct risk management. This policy is to reduce various risks to a tolerable and controllable range through identification, assessment, control, monitoring and communication of potential risks from the perspective of Sysgration, as well as to provide a reference for developing operational strategies in order to achieve Sysgration's strategic goal.


At Sysgration Group, the general manager and the senior executive officer of functional platform is assigned ultimate responsibility for risk management, while each senior executive officer serves as the risk officer for the business area they are placed in charge of.

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