Board of Directors

Sysgration's Board of Directors consists of seven distinguished members with a great breadth of experience as world-class business leaders or professionals. Three of those seven members are Independent Directors. Sysgration's Board is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds in industries, academia, technology skill, etc. We deeply rely on them for their diverse knowledge, personal perspectives, and solid business judgment.


The Board's primary duties are to supervise the Company's compliance with relevant laws and regulations, financial transparency, timely disclosure of material information, maintaining of the highest integrity and to provide guidance to the management team of the Company.


BOD Member



Education and Experience


Lee, Yi-Ren

  • MBA, JFK. University
  • Chairman, Hipro Electronics Co.
  • Vice Chairman & General Manager, Chicony Electronic Co.
  • Chairman, Winmate Inc.


Hsieh, Tung-Fu

  • Ph.D., E.E. of National Chiao Tung University
  • V.P., Altek Corp.
  • V.P., Lite-On Technology Corp.
  • General Manager, Sysgration Ltd.


Li, Cheng-Han

  • Master, Science in E.E. Univ. of Southern California
  • Special Assistant of GM, Sysgration Ltd.
  • V.P., Sysgration Ltd. AMD BU Head


Tai, Feng-Yi

  • Bachelor, Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology of Sci. & Tech.
  • Chairman, Godex International Co., Ltd.
  • Executive Director, Shanghai Godex Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • R&D Director, Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Independent Director

Lin, Kuan-Chao

  • Master, Accounting National Chengchi University
  • Director, PKF Taiwan
  • Independent Director, Luminescence Tech. Co.
  • Supervisor, Prospect Tech.

Independent Director

He, Ju-Hsian

  • MBA, International Exchange Program
  • Customer Service Deputy Manager,
  • Taiwan Life Insurance Co.
  • Independent Director, Polylite Taiwan

Independent Director

Wei, Che-Chen

  • BA, Accounting National Chengchi University
  • Doctoral program, Guangzhou Sun Yat-Sen University
  • COO & Consultant, H&D Asset Management Co.
  • Chairman, Taiwan Life Ins. Securities Investment Trust Co.
  • Chairman, Taiwan International Securities Consulting Corp.
  • General Manager, TIS Securities Co.

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