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In alignment with our ESG goals, we encourage all employees within the organization to prioritize daily walking for improved health, reduced carbon footprint, and a greater love for our planet. We advocate aiming for 8,400 steps per day, as it can significantly lower the risk and enhance management of chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, while also aiding in weight control. Opting for walking over driving not only promotes economic savings but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.


The activity details are outlined as follows, inviting colleagues to engage actively:


Activity Duration

From April 30, 2024, to May 20, 2024, spanning a total of 21 days.


Activity Objective

Activity Objective: The aim is to motivate colleagues to achieve a daily step count of 8,400. By aggregating the total steps accumulated by the team, we will collectively 'cross the Pacific Ocean' from Taipei to our new plant in Plano, Texas, USA, covering an approximate horizontal distance of 12,386 kilometers.



  1. Participants are encouraged to prioritize walking over riding and reduce elevator usage. Making small adjustments in daily routines for 21 days will help in adapting to a healthier lifestyle for both individuals and the planet.
  2. During weekdays, participants can utilize their lunch breaks or post-work hours to walk, either individually or with colleagues. On holidays, outdoor activities are encouraged to foster a closer connection with nature. Participants are required to use screenshots from fitness apps as evidence of daily activity, recording all steps, including those during commutes, office hours, and daily errands..
  3. Participants who meet the set target (accumulating 176,400 steps or more over the 21-day period) will receive a participation reward in the form of an NTD 800 gift voucher. Additionally, the top three achievers will receive bonus prizes as follows:
  First place: NTD 10,000
  Second place: NTD 6,000
  Third place: NTD 4,000


How to join the event

  • Colleagues interested in participating are kindly requested to reply to email with the subject 'I want to register for [100-person online sports meeting]' to receive an invitation to the Teams group for this event.

  • Registration will be open from April 22 (World Earth Day) until 12:00 noon on April 29, 2024. 

  • To ensure fairness and accuracy in personal records, please verify the provided information before submission.

  • There are no restrictions on the choice of the recording app; participants may use any app according to personal preference, ensuring consistent recording of steps and dates.

earth day   
  • Participants are required to upload the previous day’s records before 10 a.m. the following day.

  • Participants are encouraged to share music, photos, and videos of their journey in the group.

  • Any participant found using malicious computer programs or engaging in activities that disrupt the event's normal operation to manipulate results will have their participation and winning qualifications revoked immediately upon discovery. The organizer reserves the right to reclaim any prizes awarded and holds participants liable for any legal consequences resulting from violations.

  • By completing registration, participants are considered to have fully understood and agreed to abide by the terms outlined in this notice.

  • The organizer retains the ultimate authority to amend, suspend, terminate, or provide explanations for the event at any time, with official announcements taking precedence.


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