The company actively implements integrity governance, strengthens the functions of the Board of Directors, improves operating performance, and protects shareholders' rights. After securing two top 5% awards in the 9th Corporate Governance Assessment last year, marking its inaugural achievement, the company has expanded its reach, covering 952 companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and 754 companies listed on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx). In the subsequent 10th (112th) Corporate Governance Evaluation, the company retained its position among the top 5% of TPEx-listed companies and companies with a market capitalization of 5-10 billion NTD. This highlights the company's steadfast commitment to enhancing corporate competitiveness and delivering maximum value for stakeholders amidst evolving socio-economic dynamics and intense industry competition. Furthermore, it reflects the company's ongoing efforts to achieve sustainable development goals aligned with international standards.



The results of the corporate governance assessment are available on the following website


Securities and Future Institute (

Integrity Passion Commitment Innovation

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