1.  Adopted “Internal control system effectiveness assessment” and “Statement of internal control system.” Of 2022.

2.  Adopted the Company's 2022 audited financial statements and business report.

3.  Adopted the Company's 2022 annual profit and loss appropriation proposal.

4.  Adopted the Company’s account receivables overdue over 3 months had no intention to be considered as loans to others.

5.  Adopted bank loan credit.

6.  Adopted 2022 distribution proposal of employees’ remuneration and directors’ remuneration.

7.  Adopted pricing and subscription period of 2nd run private placement .

8.  Adopted nominated list of directors.

9.  Adopted proposal for releasing the non-compete restriction on directors .

10.Adopted split of the Company’s Energy Storage Business Unit.

11.the Company may carry out the stock release to “Power Tank Energy Ltd.”   

at different times and waive the right to participate in that company’s cash capital increase projects within one year upon completion of the registration of split or change.

12.Adopted amendment of annual shareholders’ meeting of 2023.

13.Adopted bonus release for managers.

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